6 Tips to Optimize Your Oxygen Intake

This makes the air we breathe by far our main contact with the outside world and the basic way we energize and vitalize our bodies daily and all day long.

Breathing is liable for 70 percent of their cleanup and purification of our own bodies (20 percent by perspiration, 8 percent by pee and two % by excrement). Specifically, it is the oxygen from the atmosphere we breathe which burns off the toxins. After drawing in a deep breath, the air we have goes into our lungs and then passes over countless little membranes through which it passes our blood flow.

Below are a few simple techniques to get more oxygen regular.

Exercise more – particularly low impact aerobic exercise. Rebounding on a miniature trampoline is my option; a 30-minute session was demonstrated to oxygenate the bloodstream twice as efficiently as running.

Regularly go into a yoga course – in a recent research students at UC Davis improved their lung capacity by 7 percent after practicing yoga only 3 times each week for 2 weeks! (This amount of growth is indicative of one of conventional athletic coaches)

Eat more green foods – leafy greens such as spinach and grasses and wheat grass are around 42% Oxygen. Green foods are high in chlorophyll that raises hemoglobin production and so reduces the effects of carbon dioxide. Put a drop on the palms, then rub together and breathe deeply. Additionally rub oils over lungs and throat. Essential Oils are highly oxygenating and nourishing into the cells because of their ability to penetrate the epidermis and carry oxygen throughout the cell wall into the nucleus. Notice: Use only therapeutic-grade A crucial oils

Mentally application yourself to breathe deeply during the day – particularly when you’re around plants and trees. It’s free and easy!

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